SMART Express: Allows you to open Notebook files on computers without SMART Notebook loaded onto them. You would download the file, email it to the student using their school email account. Students would have to save the file to their computer, then open it using the website. If you have a class website, you could also post the file there. The students will still have to save the file to their computers.

SMART Exchange: Don't reinvent the wheel. Search for ready-to-go lessons here!

Language Arts

These resources go along with the Reading Basal adopted by Pitt County Schools. The Notebook files are used as introductions to the vocabulary for the weekly stories as well as a place to keep up with any notes we take as a class. I left the notes on here, but if you don't want/need them, just erase.
Concept Attainment is used for the vocabulary words "percussion" and "record" for this story.
Concept Attainment is used as a brief introduction to a unit study on Fantasy vs. Realism.

Online Storytime - Presented by Barnes and Noble, each month and different book and author are featured. A video showing the book while the author reads it aloud are shown. Very cool! - The site provides teachers with an online reading comprehension and methodology program as well as online training services and professional development resources.

**International Children's Digital Library - this website contains children's literature from all over the world. The site includes a page for teachers with ideas on how to incorporate the digital library into your lessons. AWESOME!!

**Google Lit Trips See where the characters in your stories live and get tips on how to create your own Lit Trips using Google Earth.

** many different Flash games to help students organize thinking and help with reading strategies

Little Bird Tales - Capture your child's voice and imagination with our creative story building tool and share them with friends and family.

MightyBook - great site for younger grades and ESL; contains a collection of read-along activities; the story illustrations are wonderful and the words are even highlighted as they are being read. The site also provides a number of other fun activities including a museum-themed activity that explores famous artists, a collection of interactive jigsaw puzzles, search games, and even a handful of jokes.

HM Tech - wiki for Houghton Mifflin resources - vocabulary presentations for each story, practice activities, etc.

Houghton Mifflin vocabulary word lists

Vocabulary Games and Resources

**Magnetic Poetry - interactive poetry games where students can create poems using "refrigerator magnets". - If you search under "Student Activities" tons of resources show up and there are icons for activities/lessons that are IWB ready. Also check out their Flashlight Readers!

Free Rice - This site is a vocabulary builder as well as an opportunity to donate food to needy countries. For every correct answer you give, 10 grains of rice are donated!

AlphaBot - word game that reinforces spelling skills. It has 3 different skill levels to choose from.

BIGbot - Synonym and Antonym game

Merriam-Webster - tons of interesting games and quizzes, not to mention great vocabulary builders here!!

Graph Words - this site provides webs of related words; clicking on one word will lead you to a new web; great for collaborative writing!!


**National Library of Virtual Manipulatives A Database of free math virtual (digital) manipulatives

Physics and Educational Technology - Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado. *Teachers Love SMART Boards said, "This site contains the most incredible collection of research-based, interactive, Physics simulations anywhere on the Internet. Best of all, these simulations are free to use online or download to your computer.They are a must-have for teachers with Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom."

MangaHigh- Mangahigh creates exceptionally high-quality, game-based learning resources to help Primary and Secondary students reinforce their Mathematics skills in a way that is both fun and engaging. In addition to all the great resources, the service includes assessment and analytical tools that enable teachers to monitor the progress of individual students.

This lesson submitted by M. Murphy on SMART Exchange.

**Harvey'sHomePage Harvey is a very creative SMART Board expert! He's got great downloadable resources on his site!

**Khan Academy - Over 2,000 short videos on how to do certain math skills from basic to college level. Also has practice problems you can try after watching the videos.

ThinkingBlocks - let's you model your math problems!

**Math Zapper - Interactive lessons on working with fractions, decimals, and percents.

Learn Your Tables - interactive math games to help students learn their multiplication tables.

**Circle Fraction Tool - Allows you to examine fractions using circles. You can use different colors for the different sections, and this would be a great tool to use the Screen Capture with inside of Notebook software.

**Rectangle Fraction Tool - Same as above using rectangles rather than circles.

Math Live - video lesson on math skills; designed for 5th grade, but I can use some of the videos in my 3rd grade class.

**ConnectSums - interactive game where students are given an amount and must decide what coins, digits, or dice to use to make that amount.

SumStacker - interactive game where students are given three amounts and must match those amounts with coins, digits, or dice while racing against the clock.

**Shape Sorter - create engaging geometry lessons involving Venn Diagrams. Many implementation possibilities!

Illuminations - NCTM website

Think Math! (Harcourt) - videos and lessons to accompany textbook. You don't have to have the textbook to have access to these resources!

Let's Tessellate! - A fun application from PBS where kids can choose shapes then figure out how to make tessellations.

**Exploring Geometry - Interactive learning tools to explore 2D shapes, angles, symmetry, tessellations, circles, etc. - Information and interactive activities detailing statistics for countries around the world; can be integrated with social studies

National Center for Education Statistics Kid's Zone

Mr. P's Math Page - Math humor, interactive games, problem of the month, poems, videos, etc. Great resource!

Chartle - quickly and easily create interactive charts


**FreezeRay - This site offers a growing bank of imaginative, highly visual teaching-aids developed for use with interactive whiteboards. The resources are designed to be used as rich sources of visually stimulating material, making use of both animations and drag and drop interactivity. It is hoped that the resources will help students to make sense of some of the more challenging concepts they encounter.

Day and Night: Views from the Southern Hemisphere

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits- The activity is extremely thorough and provides a great introduction to electric circuits for students aged 7 through 11. The Blobz Guide has five sections: What Are Circuits, Conductors and Insulators, Switches, Changing a Circuit, and Circuit Diagrams. In each section, students go through a basic information activity, a hands-on reinforcement activity, and an assessment activity. Not only does the Blobz Guide utilize solid learning principals, it’s extremely easy (and fun) to navigate (from Teachers Love SMART Boards)

Stellarium - Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

OE-Cake - free software download; fluid simulator (physics); great tutorials on YouTube. Download for PC Download for Mac

Up Close Science (Harcourt) - videos to accompany the science textbook. You don't need to have the textbook to have access to these videos!

Science NetLinks - internet resources for science

**National Geographic for Kids - As awesome and information as the magazines are, the website is even better! Lots of videos, games, and resources!

Planet Earth - video clips from the very popular Planet Earth tv series

Science Buddies - Ideas for Science Fair projects for all ages and time constraints :)

Earth Quake Information - simulations and other resources to explain what happened in Japan in March of 2011.

Web Adventures - fun, engaging, interactive games from Rice University. They cover topics such as microbiology, medical research, infectious diseases, and more. Awesome resource!

Social Studies

National Geographic MapMaker- This interactive map resource allows you to explore in detail different areas of the world. All you do is select a region of the world and then select a country. It even includes more detailed views of the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
This resource is still in beta, so not all the features function perfectly. For example, I had difficulties displaying some countries and I was not able to download the map I created. However, you can capture your map using the SMART Screen Capture Tool that comes with the Smart Notebook software. (From the Teachers Love SMART Boards blog).

From Ellis Island to Orchard Street - build a character and learn about their journey to America. As a class you can make an identity, learn about your journey, explore Ellis Island, learn about the Lower East Side of New York City, and learn how to make a life. While on the website, you can look at historic passports, tickets, health inspection card, and ship manifest. Small video clips tell about each aspect of immigrant life.

**Google Historical Voyages and Events Project Schools are being asked to complete projects detailing historical events, voyages, explorers, etc. using Google tools. The site has all the information you need if you're interested in participating in this project. If you're not interested in completing a project, you may use the ones created by others to teach with. Really engaging stuff!!

** - a vision of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor; great website with free lesson plans, interactive games, and other resources for teaching civics.

Our Courts - precursor to

National Atlas - create maps with the criteria that you want

Google Maps

Google Earth - great interactive globe and maps; free software download

History Animated - allows students to see animated recreations of famous historic battles - Information and interactive activities detailing statistics for countries around the world; can be integrated with math

10 x 10- displays a 10×10 grid containing 100 thumbnail images that relate to the most discussed current events. The sight stays up-to-date by scanning the RSS feeds of major international news sources. When the user selects one of the current events, the site displays a window containing links to the actual articles for more information.


Mrs. Hurley's ESL Website- Not only has Mrs. Hurley gathered an incredible library of ESL resources, but she's also created an amazing SMART Board resource page containing links to many terrific sites. Most of the resources are aimed at Kindergarten through 5th grade but Middle School teachers may find a gem or too as well and it's definitely worth taking a look. (from Teacher's Love SMART Boards)


Kerpoof - Kerpoof is a free website, owned and operated by the Walt Disney Co., that is all about “having fun, discovering things, and being creative.” ESchoolNews

Homeworkopoloy** - a fun game to play with those students who have completed their homework. You can find the file here: (Edit: just right click and choose "Save target as" rather than clicking on the link if it doesn't work!)

Bomomo - very interesting drawing activity. Good for those fillers.

Mr. Picasso Head - lets kids create pictures to rival those of Picasso himself!

ELearning for Kids This site is organized by subjects and courses. It is designed for students ages 4 to 12 years old. All courses are interactive with great sound and graphics.

**JigSaw Sadoku You can edit the setting to make the Sadoku puzzles as easy or as challenging as your kids need. Research has shown that these types of puzzles help in keeping your brain cells healthy!!

**Longwood Central School District - lots of premade SMART Board lessons

**Children's University of Manchester - great interactive games for science, history, and word study!

**National Gallery of Art for Kids - great interactive art activities!

Manchester Gate District Resources - lots of interactive learning resources and activities

Fuel the Brain - educational resources for mainly grades K-3; interactive games and learning activities

ABCTeach - lessons created for SMARTBoards

Interactive Piano

Poisson Rouge Art Gallery - different art tools and games

Brain Pop - although you can subscribe for $9.95 per month, or $99 per year there are some really good FREE resources here. They include instructional videos, lesson plans and games. There is also a brand-new ESL version!

Crickweb -194 free to use educational interactive resources for Primary Schools, 30 free to use fun games for kids aged 4 - 11, 120 plus links to free interactive, image and software resources, 16 'Flipcharts' to download and use on your IWB (interactive whiteboard).