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Hello Educators!

I have created this wiki as a resource for those who are short on time, full of motivation, and loving their Smart Boards. My visions for this wiki are:
  1. Provide Notebook presentations that are ready to go and require no extra work for you.
  2. Provide Notebook presentations that you can edit and revamp to fit your needs.
  3. Provide links to tutorials, websites, and other resources to make using your Smart Board easy.
  4. Provide a place where YOU can upload YOUR Notebook presentations, ideas, and favorite resources.

What is a wiki and how do I use it? Basically, a wiki is a type of website that can be edited by any of its users. Wikis are usually created around a certain topic and can provide information and resources on that topic. Again, anyone can add, delete, or edit information on a wiki. One wiki that we are all familiar with is Wikipedia. This is a wiki designed as a type of encyclopedia, but most educators would warn you not to use this as a primary resource, as anyone can edit the information. To use a wiki, all you have to do is click "Edit This Page", and you can begin adding your own content. Otherwise, a wiki works just like any other website.

Please feel free to correct any spelling or grammar errors you see. If you find a link that is broken or you have trouble downloading anything, please let me know on the Discussion page. Please understand that anything you post here can and will be used by others in a classroom setting. If you choose to use something off of this wiki anywhere other than in the classroom (workshop, training, or any other public and/ or money making way), please be sure to give credit to this wiki and/or the person who created the document. Also, if you find a lesson that you didn't create, but want to share it, please make sure you have permission and give the creator credit. If you have any ideas on how to make this wiki easier to use or more useful to educators, please share on the Discussion page.

As we educators know, just because something says its for 6th grade, we can often adapt that resource to fit a lower or higher grade. For this reason, check out all the grade level pages in case you find something there that you can adapt to your needs. In addition, I know that we are all short on time. This is why you may see the same links or resources on multiple pages. I wanted to make this wiki as quick and easy for you to use as possible!

I look forward to seeing new, innovative ideas and resources! Thank you for your contributions.


Lauren Boucher, MAEd
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