www.gettingsmarterwithsmartboards.blogspot.com - great ideas for incorporating Smart Boards in everyday lessons. This is where I found the famous Koosh Ball game.

**http://blog.teqsmart.org/ tutorial videos, free downloads, tons of great resources for ALL levels K - 12. Enjoy!

**www.getsmartwithsmartboards.com - Harvey Almarode and Jim Hollis share Notebook applications, quick tips, and website recommendations.

SMART Board Lessons Podcast The hosts, Joan Badger and Ben Hazzard, have been recognized as Canadian & International Innovative Teachers by Microsoft, SMART Exemplary Educators, Peer Educators, Tradeshow Teachers, and Conference Presenters on the use of SMARTBoards in the classroom.

Smart Board Goodies - blog created by an elementary technology teacher about Smart Board resources and activities

**Teaching with SMART Boards - wow...

Free Technology for Teachers

The Whiteboard Blog