This page is dedicated to sharing ideas for using your SMART Board. Please list the resource you're using, including the link if its a web site, and how you have used it. Also, include the grade level/age of your students along with the subject. Sharing is Caring, thanks!

Really Cool Websites That Don't Really Have Anything to do with SMART Boards:
(Teachers, if you've used any of these, please tell us how and your thoughts on it!)

ITunesU: access to free videos and documents from universities and colleges

MIT Open Courseware - Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required.

Shmoop - Test Prep and teacher resources

ePals Global Community - great website that facilitates international pen pals for students. ePals is a safe site that fosters collaboration between teachers and students around the world.

Differentiated Instruction:

I am a gifted education teacher and working with regular education teachers to help them differentiate their instruction is a part of my job. I have compiled this list of resources to help them. I hope you find these helpful! Yes, these activities take quite a bit of planning. However, once they are done, you have them forever. My suggestion would be to work with your team at school to complete one of these per subject per marking period. It may take some time to build up a library of resources, but you and your students will have so much fun with these activities that it will be well worth it!

I downloaded this template from the wiki DareToDifferentiate.
I downloaded this presentation from LeeSchools.net.