Document Cameras

Document Camera Experts: demonstration videos on using document cameras in the classroom

Document Camera Experts: lesson plans for using document cameras

Screen Sharing

Jing: free download that lets you capture videos and images on your screen to be shared with others. You can also record audio over the videos or images. These items are shared using ScreenCast. When you download Jing, you automatically get a ScreenCast account. The free version comes with 2GB of space. There are plenty of tutorials to help with both of these programs. Click here to a blog post on SimpleK12 for ideas on how to use this in the classroom. SUPER COOL!!

This is a short video I created using Jing and am sharing using ScreenCast on how to add sticky notes to a board in WallWisher. Check out the Discovery of the Month Page for information on WallWisher.



This site let's you create and organize bookmarks. What's really neat about this site is that you create icons for your bookmarks. You can change the background color of the icons/links to further organize them. The pages of icons that you create are referred to as "Webmixes". My plan is to create a web mix for each unit I teach so that I can share the resources with my students quickly and easily. Below is a link to a Symbaloo webmix created by one of my colleagues who attened the NCTIES conference this year.

NCTIES 2012 Webmix