**SMART Technologies Training Center

**Teacher Online Training - although there is a subscription fee, you can probably get your principal or PTA to pay it for a couple of months and go through the training library. Maybe save it for the summer when you've got lots of time (yeah, right). The subscription fee is $14.95 for one month and you get unlimited training videos for that month. I think there is a yearly subscription as well. Looks like a look of really fun, useful tutorials.

Teaching With SMART Boards - podcasts and videocasts on creating lessons and using the SMART Board in the classroom.

GetSmartwithSmartBoards - podcasts, cool websites, and pre-made Notebook applications

Google Earth

Google Earth is a WONDERFUL tool, especially if you have a SMART Board or other IWB in your room. Here are some training tools and resources to use when implementing Google Earth in your lessons.

Google Lit Trips
Google Lit Trip Tips and Downloads
Google Earth Image Overlay, Part I
Google Earth Image Overlay, Part 2